Oh deer

Driving through Brown County Indiana’s countryside on a recent day trip we saw quite a bit of wildlife. Off to the left our son spotted a fawn just standing there about 30 yards from the road. Fawns typically lose their white spots 90 to 120 days after birth. It just stayed perfectly still and we drove on after a few minutes.

Mother would be watching as the fawn just stared at us

Then Maj saw a doe to the left about 75 yards off the road. We stopped the car and backed up the 50 or so feet until we could see that there was also a fawn with this doe.

They were right on the tree line

They’re still just looking at us, no movement

Mom says it is time to go

It is always a thrill to see wildlife. Seeing deer seems especially neat, perhaps because they are so large compared to squirrels or raccoons. Oh, and do you see why these are named whitetail deer?


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