Grackle feeds its youngster

The gray bird landed, and we did not recognize what kind of bird it was. Soon however two grackles showed up and it was obvious that they were here to feed their offspring.

We did not recognize this species

Ah, looks like a parent is here to feed the youngster

There is the second parent and the youngster demanding more to eat

This was an interesting and enjoyable event for us to observe. It was the first time we had seen an immature grackle. There is always something going on with the wildlife in our backyard! We enjoy sharing our photos with you.


22 thoughts on “Grackle feeds its youngster

    • Strange as it sounds, our next door neighbor has a cat who does frequent our yard on his daily rounds of the neighborhood. We’ve only seen him catch some young rabbits, no squirrels or birds.


  1. I had never encountered a Grackle until I moved to TX in 2002 (if there are Grackles in NC, I’ve never seen them). Good god…scare the life out of you. They can sound like car sirens or breaking glass.


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