A Baltimore oriole is a new visitor

We enjoyed seeing a Baltimore oriole for the first time over the past few days. A very colorful bird indeed.

Those pesky sparrows love to photo bomb

This fellow loves our hummingbird feeder

It seems like he is proud of his plumage







We’ve seen at least two males (the pics are of a male) and at least one female. Hopefully there is a nest nearby. We may have to get another hummingbird feeder, as the orioles have taken over this one. Orioles love nectar, and appearently fresh fruit. We’ll try hanging some cut oranges up soon.

28 thoughts on “A Baltimore oriole is a new visitor

  1. I used to enjoy hearing and seeing orioles when they came back to NY for the summer. I haven’t spotted one in the mountains of NC yet. That doesn’t mean they aren’t here, just that I haven’t seen one.

    In NY I used to notice flocks of red-winged blackbirds when they swooped down on the reeds lining the inlet of Long Island Sound. They are in NC, too, though not as easy to spot.

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