An afternoon outing

Yesterday early afternoon we made a quick trip to the store. Horrors of horrors we were completely out of trash bags! Anyway, after we purchased those bags we all (our son was with us) decided we needed and wanted to eat.









Applebee’s sounded like a reasonable choice. The place was not busy and we were seated immediately. The placard on the table proudly announced half price appetizers. Those sounded good!

The frozen strawberry margaritas were great

We had a most enjoyable time together. The appetizers were very tasty and filling! We actually had a need for a couple of doggie bags (actually boxes) for take home. We really enjoy these kind of outings, and this one was extra fun because our son came with us.Ā  Oh, and on the way home we spotted a bald eagle!Ā  (Eagle picture here)

21 thoughts on “An afternoon outing

  1. What! No picture of the eagle? But oh, well you were well filled with food and some to take home for dinner. It has been years since we ate at Applebee’s, of course, it has been a lifetime ago we went out to eat. Maybe, this year!


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