Winter storm warning

Today is supposed to be a rough day weather wise in central Indiana. We are officially under a Winter Storm Warning.

Tulip tree in our front yard, 9:15AM Thursday

Screenshot of iPhone

The latest forecast is calling for six to nine inches of snow during the day today. High winds are to add to wind chill temps and cause blowing and drifting of snow. (Northern Indiana got up to 9 inches yesterday.) We’ll have to wait and see if the forecast snow amounts occur.

11 thoughts on “Winter storm warning

  1. Yep. We got 10″ yesterday and another couple today. Sparky was out using the roof rake this evening. He’s shoveled the drive and walk 4 times yesterday and twice today. It was too deep for our little electric snow blower…. It doesn’t look like the snow will melt any time soon as it won’t get above freezing until next Wednesday. It’s 16 F now and dropping… Stay warm!


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