90 million people under alerts: when did they start that

A recent NBC News report proudly reported that “About 90 million people across the U.S. were under winter weather alerts Tuesday night as a storm threatened to bring rain, snow, sleet and ice from Colorado to Vermont.”

When did the news folks start stating how many millions were under threats? Threats of weather, be it blizzards, tornados or hurricanes? When I was younger I do not remember the number of folks under threats being reported. Does anybody know when it became accepted practice in the media to tell how many millions could be affected? Call me curious…

43 thoughts on “90 million people under alerts: when did they start that

  1. I’ve never heard of it either. But that number is so high — a quarter of the US — that it’s probably considered newsworthy. I also wonder whether the impacts of climate change are motivating some media to change the emphasis of stories like these. Good question!

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  2. They have to make us feel like they are doing something. Was it the robot on Lost In Space that would say “Alert! Alert!” while flailing his flex tube arms around?

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  3. I think the media usually chooses the most sensational way to report anything. 90 million people under alert is far more exciting than saying, “Well folks, get your French toast supplies and get ready to hunker down for a couple days. It’s gonna get snowy out there!”

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  4. Hysterical news has been around for years. Even as a kid, I remember the nightly Vietnam deaths that Cronkite had to babble on about. Then, I remembered Rather’s constant babbling about the Iran Hostage crisis.

    The real screaming sensationalism started with 9/11 & continued to get worse.

    Now, what we are dealing with is lockstep “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Be afraid of convid. Be afraid of snow. Be afraid of regular truck drivers that are standing up to tyranny. “They’re violent! They’re racist! They’re Nazis! You must hide & fear them!” *facepalm*

    Couple all that with the weather-guessers & the anchors talking to us like we are all five years old.

    I don’t watch news, anymore. I’m too “afraid” I might throw something at the TV. 😠😑🀬


  5. i’ve never heard of them keeping track. It has been rough up here in the northern part of the state. We’ve had about two feet of snow. I hear they had a lot of ice south of us.i hope you are safe and have power.


    • We’re at about a half foot so far, more on the way. Streets are very slick and hazardous. We’re not going anywhere. Thanks, you and Rooster stay safe! Luckily we’ve got a generator on board in the RV if we lose power.


  6. This was a first for me. I get local weather alerts and assume my neighbors and I will share the experience. As to millions?? Surely it can’t be long ago that it started. If anyone pinpoints the time for you, please write a new post so that we will all be in the know.


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