A busy day by the river

Downtown Lawrenceburg

Even though it was a very cold and breezy day on Saturday, we still enjoyed a very nice day trip along a stretch of the Ohio River. It was one of those no itinerary trips. We just drove around and took in the sights.

Standing in front of a large wood chair in Aurora

We took the I-275 interstate bridge over the Ohio River into Kentucky and drove through the Creation Museum grounds. Returning to Indiana we stopped at Lawrenceburg, followed the River Road and went as far as Aurora.Β  All in all we had a wonderful and exciting day as we took in the sights of southeast Indiana.

18 thoughts on “A busy day by the river

  1. This sounds exciting! πŸ˜ƒ I’ve always loved to travel even if it’s just riding around to see the sights- this comes from being a military brat and traveling from base to base when I was a kid. I know you both had a blast.

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