Mural remembers an 1885 fire wagon

Aurora, Indiana is a quaint and historic Ohio River town about 34 miles downriver from Cincinnati, Ohio. Go back to February, 1885 and see the city spend $3000 for a horse drawn steam pumper suitably christened Aurora. This beautiful horse drawn firewagon served the city well. In 1962 it was loaned to the Cincinnati Fire Museum in trade for professional restoration and the right to display. There Aurora remains.

In 2017 Mr. Don Andrew, a local resident and businessman, commissioned the Christian Dallas Art company to paint a mural on the side of his building depicting the Aurora in her stable with the team of horses being hitched up. Andrew paid $11,000 towards the total cost of $16,000. The rest was paid from the City of Aurora’s 2017 Facade Improvement Grant funded through riverboat gaming. This mural will really catch your attention when you first come into town on the Ohio River Scenic Highway.

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