Happy Halloween time!

This house in our town goes batty for Halloween

Family outing…

Just plain creepy

We’ve been watching “The Walking Dead”. Guess I watched too much…

Watching Season 1

Watching Season 8

🎃 Wishing a safe and happy Halloween to all! 🎃

41 thoughts on “Happy Halloween time!

  1. Dang! Have you checked your pulse lately? We have friends from the Rose Society who’s block goes crazy for Halloween and Christmas. Each household tries to outdo the other. It’s crazy like the house you photographed. I like the skeletons dancing and it looks like they have a giant spider, also.


  2. Hehe! I have never decorated like that for any holiday! I’m kind of glad the neighbors 2 doors down moved. I was tired of having their Halloween decorations take flight and land in our yard!! At least their coffin and giant skeleton were well anchored – more so than the ghosts and the Styrofoam headstones that liked our shrubbery!!

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