COVID booster and 2021 flu shots

This is what Walmart uses for shots. It’s an “Inject-Safe barrier” that sticks to your skin and they poke the needle through the thin film in the center of it.

More than 6 months ago Sher and I received our second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Within the past few days the Moderna half dose booster shots became available for those of us over the age of 65, as well as others depending on heath concerns and other conditions.

Our local Walmart almost immediately had booster shots available either by appointment or walk in basis. We decided to go there as we had received our first two full strength doses there. Simple visit, walked in, had about a 5 minute wait. We also got our flu shots at the same time.

Two weeks from our receiving the booster it will be fully effective. Just in time for our trip to Austin. Yes, we’re going back to traveling, visiting our oldest son, daughter-in-law and our 9 year old granddaughter. We’ll soon be bringing some posts from Texas.

61 thoughts on “COVID booster and 2021 flu shots

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      • glad you seem to have made the right choice for you. So far, with a history of allergies reactions to things like emulsifiers (as in vaccine), I have not decided to take the vaccine even though I qualify. Helped by the fact that I live a solitary life with access to green space. Even going to attend a test centre seems too big a risk for me. The biggest risk I accept is being on a train for hrs to get to Germany – as I will again in Dec, wearing a mask, of course. Downside: They have begun to charge for testing over there now – so when I wanted to go to the theatre last time, I had to pay 10 euros and again when returning to the UK. Have a great trip and I look forward to your posts,


  2. What’s the purpose of the Injectasafe? I mean, it doesn’t seem to do anything other than provide a pretty big target. It’s not like anyone has ever missed my upper arm.

    I got my flu shot 2 nights ago – req’d an appt virtually everywhere around here.

    I could claim disability and get my booster now but I’m holding off till I legit qualify.

    I hope you have a great time in Austin!!

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    • Haha! Really do not know what it is for. Target would seem plausible. The Walmart is the only place I have seen it used. Our GP’s office doesn’t, and neither did the hospital when I had an overnight stay a while back. We are sure looking forward to seeing our Austin family. It has been too long.

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  3. Enjoy your visit! They have just started doing the same here with booster shots. Flu shots are in full swing. Had mine last weekend and actually knocked me for a bit of a loop…oh well…what’s one more jab right? haha

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  4. I recently got a booster and a flu shot together. The only problem was that I had two sore arms rather than one. I qualified even though I’m below the age where everyone gets a booster. This is because my first shot was AstraZeneca. My second and third were Pfizer. Now if our federal government would remove the crazy rules for returning, fully vaccinated Canadians we could actually fly somewhere this winter.

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      • Yes it was Pfizer and, as far as I know, a booster is the same as a first or second dose. The reason given to me is that many countries such as the States didn’t approve AstraZeneca. So now I’m treated as someone who has two Pfizer doses. I wonder if my first AstraZeneca dose will be a benefit to me if I go to the UK where they mostly used AstraZeneca.


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