Snoqualmie Falls Brewery, a detailed look

Yesterday we gave you a sneak peek at the Snoqualmie Falls Brewery. What you did not find out about was how nice a pub this is.Ā  The main seating was outside in the open with tables that were sun protected by umbrellas. The small indoor eating area had tables spread very far apart, with mask required. All staff wore masks all the time.





We had just come from seeing the actual Falls and were both hungry and thirsty. This brewery certainly took care of immediate needs. Of course we had to get a flight, so our server Kelly picked out four to sample. Sher and I liked each and every one of the flight.

We’re having a ball in Snoqualmie

The “bar food” was absolutely delicious. We love good bar food and good beer. Thus it is easy for us to say “We love Snoqualmie Falls Brewery!” The cheese bread, garlic fries and of course the Fish and Chips really hit the spot.

Flight’s gone, time for a tall one

Sher and I both liked the Mailbox Hazy IPA






Kelly on station, taking care of business

By the time we finished our meals we had also finished our flight of beer samples. It was time for more, as we were planning to enjoy just relaxing at our table for a while, enjoying each others company and the delightful weather. Kelly kept checking in and taking care of us. She made our time at the pub very nice indeed. This stop was a most enjoyable part of our day at Snoqualmie.


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