New home for an old bridge

By 1870 Shelby County Indiana had 154 miles of new gravel roads. It was time for the county to start building bridges at principle crossings of rivers. By 1880 there were 10 “substantial and elegant” iron bridges  with additional bridges planned each year thereafter.

The bridge’s new home, seeing bicycles and pedestrian traffic only

The Clover Ford Bridge over Buck Creek was constructed in 1889 by the King Iron Bridge & Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio. The cost of the bridge, Shelby County Bridge No. 13, was $3,384.50. The bridge served many years but was closed due to structural issues in 2011.

Beautiful and sound reconstruction

History board






Deemed historically important, it was refurbished in 2018 and moved to the Blue River Memorial Park in 2019. It is now part of the Blue River Trail that traverses Shelbyville. USI Consultants was the company that oversaw the relocation of the restored bridge, as well as designing the new Shelby County Bridge No. 219 which replaced the old Shelby County Bridge No. 13 over Buck Creek.

22 thoughts on “New home for an old bridge

  1. That’s great the could restore and repurpose a troubled bridge and place in over new waters. Getting bridges over the Rio Grande requires an act of God, therefore, crossing the river at rush hour can be a very slow process.

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  3. I’m glad they restored and repurposed the bridge. I hat to see those wonderful structures destroyed. We had an iron bridge over the creek near the house where I grew up. I hated it when it got torn down.


      • They “restored” a covered bridge not far from me, but they didn’t really. They basically built a new one. The old one was a functional one that was built by a family to keep the wood from rotting. When they “restored” it, they added windows and some other things. It’s not the same. Still glad it is there, but….


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