Seen on a drive in the country

After lunch today Sher and I drove to a nearby winery to restock the fridge. After the winery stop we headed back home via country roads with little traffic and no construction. It was a hot and humid day, heat index in the 100 + range.

Wheat planted last fall, due for harvest late summer

A clever and patriotic use of tiles on a barn roof

This time of year there is not a lot of activity in the fields: crops are planted with most germinated and on their way. Newborn calves are growing as fast as the weeds in the fence rows. There still are things to see.

22 thoughts on “Seen on a drive in the country

    • You can’t tell by the picture, but that corn is already nearly waist high. Most of todays hybrids grow twice as fast as the older varieties. Deer are a pest. They eat crops, dig holes in the top of round bales, break down fences, and in Indiana if you hit one the state can charge you $250. The state says it owns all the wild deer. Personally I wish they would get rid of them.

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      • Wow, that’s ridiculous to me that the state believes it owns all wildlife! And charge a citizen $250? For what? Is this now a Service Call? I hit a deer just once in 1998, it messed up the front of my pickup pretty good, my dad has hit them too. They never seem to get any smarter when it comes to roads. Thdeer would feed lots of people, but they are an integral part of the eco system.


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