Some different and pretty stuff on a day trip

Here’s somewhat of a potpourri of images we captured and then liked.

Overgrown barn and silo

Ears developing

In full tassel

Slow flowing Laughery Creek gives a mirror surface

Delicate tiny wild flowers

Oops! Lost an antennae somewhere

Just simply pretty flowers

Day trips or multi day adventures provide so many opportunities to see and experience new things. I guess that’s why everybody has cameras these days…


Seen on a drive in the country

After lunch today Sher and I drove to a nearby winery to restock the fridge. After the winery stop we headed back home via country roads with little traffic and no construction. It was a hot and humid day, heat index in the 100 + range.

Wheat planted last fall, due for harvest late summer

A clever and patriotic use of tiles on a barn roof

This time of year there is not a lot of activity in the fields: crops are planted with most germinated and on their way. Newborn calves are growing as fast as the weeds in the fence rows. There still are things to see.