Left the nest a bit early?

Yes, mouth is open

3 feet away, it’s not moving

This young robin must have fallen from it’s nest. It was trying to spread its wings with no luck. It also opened its little beak when it saw me. Not knowing how to catch, ingest and regurgitate a worm, I couldn’t help him with that. Hope he makes it…

23 thoughts on “Left the nest a bit early?

  1. A gang of starlings discovered the half-coconut full of suet today, and three of them were what I would call adolescents. Perfectly able to fly, but still demanding food from the parents! and what a rabble! such fun to watch.

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  2. It will be fine. If they leave the nest early — or get kicked out by the parents because there’s a threat around the nest — they’ll be cared for. I saw it first with cardinals, and nearly had a heart attack until I realized that all was well.


  3. American robins fledge around two weeks after hatching. As long as they can perch, fly and hop short distances, and are around places they can hide, they will be OK most of the time. The parent birds do feed them and this time is when the fledglings learn what to eat and how to find it. Predators no doubt catch some of them, yet the reality is most birds hatched in a season don’t make it to the next year. If they survive the first year, they are likely to make it long enough to breed several years.


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