Local pizza restaurants can be the best

We had our own meal preparation ingredients in the RV when we were at the Highway 40 yard sale last week. We’d been there since Monday and were enjoying the time in our RV, including the meals we prepared.

However after the rains all day Wednesday and most of Thursday, we were ready for a change in our eating. A search of the web for pizza restaurants near us produced a couple in Knightstown, just a few miles down the road. Jeff’s Pizza looked inviting, and online ordering was quick and easy. Whenever we can we like to patronize local hometown businesses.

Special w/tons of veggies under that thick layer of cheese

The pizzas were very very good! We ordered a veggie special and a meat special. The toppings and cheese portions were most generous. Sher and I both had “leftover” pizza the next day as well. I’d have to say that I heated mine up on day two in the microwave, and it was frankly as good as if not better than the first day.

49 thoughts on “Local pizza restaurants can be the best

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  2. That’s an interesting way to cut a pizza. We had a pizza party at the office today. It was the first day we had almost everyone in the new office.


  3. During the Corona lockdown I supported our next door Italian by taking out a pizza every week. As I was getting a little tired of pizza by now, I am glad, they could finally open the restgaurant again and I can have vitello tonnato and other great stuff right there.


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