Dinner tonight

We’d been basically stuck at home for the past few days via snow and stupid cold temperatures. Somehow pizza sounded pretty good for dinner tonight.

Love those olives

Alfredo sauce and bacon strips!

The car was a challenge to get the doors open, wipers free and 10 inches of snow removed. But with our son’s help we got it dug out. It needed to get started anyway, so our son picked up our online order at Papa Johns. Yummy and a nice break from cooking at home.


Hammered Dwarf Cider

Yes, a rather bizarre name, but for a great variety of products. This afternoon we all went to a place that sells locally produced hard cider, beer and mead. The Snohomish facility is interesting, as the tasting room is small, consisting of the counter and tap wall, and menu boards. There are a couple of two person high tables inside.

Outside is a fenced in seating area. A series of pop up canopies provide shelter from the sun. Picnic tables offer seating along with those large wood wire spools that make good tables. It is interesting that the site of this cidery is at the back of a concrete plant.

Information board

More information

The Hammered Dwarf Cider is the result of 20 years of development and trails, starting in an apartment in California. Let the Hammered Dwarf website explain: “Our ciders are made with more traditional cider apples as opposed to the usual dessert and culinary apples that most cideries use, creating a unique flavor profile. Barrel aging is another way that we can distinguish ourselves from the rest.”

Sher and our grandson sitting outdoors

Two of our four flights

We ordered pizza delivered to our table

We got a couple of growlers to take home






Each of us (except of course our grandson who got root beer) got one of the flights of four to sample. We have never tried Hard Cider and it was fun to have our first time tasting true local craft ciders. They were very good, all having  very interesting and differing tastes. Most of the ciders were made on location, or provided by other local establishments. We found this to be a very unique local business. Pizza, craft hard cider and sharing time with family made for a delightful afternoon.


Local pizza restaurants can be the best

We had our own meal preparation ingredients in the RV when we were at the Highway 40 yard sale last week. We’d been there since Monday and were enjoying the time in our RV, including the meals we prepared.

However after the rains all day Wednesday and most of Thursday, we were ready for a change in our eating. A search of the web for pizza restaurants near us produced a couple in Knightstown, just a few miles down the road. Jeff’s Pizza looked inviting, and online ordering was quick and easy. Whenever we can we like to patronize local hometown businesses.

Special w/tons of veggies under that thick layer of cheese

The pizzas were very very good! We ordered a veggie special and a meat special. The toppings and cheese portions were most generous. Sher and I both had “leftover” pizza the next day as well. I’d have to say that I heated mine up on day two in the microwave, and it was frankly as good as if not better than the first day.

Elliott Bay Pizza and Pub

Tonight we had supper with our family at a great pizza joint and pub. The Elliott Bay Pizza & Pub has outstanding pizza. They also offer sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Very very tasty pizza!

This is a very popular place and we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table big enough for all of us. The facility offers family seating as well as a 21+ bar area. Once our food arrived I could tell why the place was so packed.

Love the pink elephants

We are certainly enjoying this retirement thing!







The pub also has a great variety of craft beers from local breweries. They state there are 20 craft beers in a changing rotation, and also a selection of local wines. All in all we all had a very enjoyable evening. It is fun trying different restaurants when we travel to different parts of the country.

We found our new favorite pizza in Berlin

IMG_3348_resizedBefore you think Sher and I have headed to Germany, the pizza is in Berlin, Maryland. We had just pulled into a Walmart to pick up some groceries including tonight’s supper when Sher saw a pizza place in a building in front of the Walmart.

Off we went to Piaza. Neither of us had heard of it, but the price seemed reasonable, the place was clean and decorated very nicely. The pizzas we had were outstanding! Sher had a veggie topped Mediterranean and I had BBQ chicken with added bacon. They are thin crust brick oven baked and you may pick your own combination of toppings.

The owner of the restaurant is David Crocetti. David is a personable and friendly man who took the time to talk with us.  This establishment has been open for a mere two months and has already been nominated for “Best Pizza”. He explained to us that he uses only the finest ingredients that are prepared daily. He has another restaurant in Baltimore with several more planned for that area.

The Piaza is across the parking lot from Walmart in Berlin, Maryland

The Piaza is across the parking lot from Walmart in Berlin, Maryland

The Italian made brick oven in action.

The Italian made brick oven in action.

The brick oven is from Italy and can prepare a pizza in three minutes. From the time we ordered and watched our pizzas prepared to pick up ready to eat a mere 5 minutes had passed! No 15 to 20 minute wait for your pizzas at Piaza. The menu also includes salads and grilled piadas.

David has a real love of the business. His determination to satisfy his customers with a great dining value is obvious when you talk to him. He shared that he has already aquired sufficient amounts of material to open several more stores with the same decor.

Fresh ingredients await your order!

Fresh ingredients await your order!

Sher and I agree that the pizzas at Piaza are the best that we have ever had. This is an up and coming chain of restaurants that will be sure to be successful. The menu is varied enough for anyone’s taste. The quality of the ingredients is obvious when you taste your order. That brick oven really puts out a great pizza! Check out the Piaza website for more information, menus and the location of the facility now open in Baltimore.

If your travels take you to the Ocean City and Berlin, Maryland area be sure to stop at Piaza. Their motto of “Fresh, Fast & Fiery” is a spot-on description. The store is across the Walmart parking lot off Highway 50 near Berlin.




Real Chicago style pizza in Ohio

On a recent trip to Columbus Ohio to visit family we all ended up downtown looking for a place to eat. Our son recommended a place called Fabian’s Pizza. This place serves real Chicago style deep dish pizza for sure.

Sher's veggie deluxe

Sher’s veggie deluxe

Located on High Street a few blocks north of the convention center, Fabian’s can’t claim fast service, but the pizza is excellent. Served at your table in piping hot deep dish pans, I had the chicken BBQ and Sher had her favorite, the veggie special.

Pepperoni ! !

Pepperoni ! !

Our son and his wife and three kids had a large pepperoni and a small supreme. Coupled with a large house salad to start the meal off, we all were more than full when we left. (Sher and I both had leftovers in a take out box!)

Inside Fabian's

Inside Fabian’s

It did take about an hour after we ordered to get our pizzas, but I have to say it was worth the wait. If you like Chicago style deep dish pizza and find yourself in downtown Columbus, be sure to get to Fabian’s. You won’t regret it.

Supreme deep dish

Supreme deep dish

Heavenly Fire Kitchens, makers of wood fired pizza

Will and Brian with a hand made masterpiece ready for the oven.

Will and Brian with a hand made masterpiece ready for the oven.

This afternoon Sher and I went to the Railroad Days Festival in Granite Falls, Washington. This festival is a yearly tradition in the town, and in addition to a fair style midway with rides and games one of the streets was filled with different vendors selling all kinds of wares.

One of the food concessions was a nifty pizza caterer. The name of the vendor was Heavenly Fire Kitchens, based out of Marysville. I spoke with Will, Brian, Sophi and Devin in the booth. Brian told me that they started the business in May of this year. The set up is really impressive, as there is a real wood fired pizza oven mounted on a trailer. The pizzas are hand made on the spot and baked right before your eyes.



Sophi and Brian in front of the oven. Look at all those boxes ready to be filled!

Sophi and Brian in front of the oven. Look at all those boxes ready to be filled!

Sher and I shared one of their cheese pizzas. The ones they were selling today were thin crust and hot out of the oven. The wait after order was not really a problem, as there were plenty of other booths to look at while we waited the 10 or so minutes. Check the Heavenly Fire Kitchen website for their next event. Or better yet, have them cater your own private party.

Brava’s Pizza & Pasta in Snohomish, WA

Sher found some great deals on restaurant dot com the other day. One was for Brava’s Pizza and Pasta in Snohomish, Washington. This place is in downtown Snohomish, and apparently used to be in Seattle. When we got there we were in time to cash in on the lunch special: half price on any pizza! Brava’s also has pasta, salads, gyros and other menu items.

The gal who took our order was very nice and brought our pizza right to the table. It was excellent! I devoured my half, Sher had a couple of pieces left for take home. The restaurant also had a very good connection to free WiFi, and there were outlets on one wall since I needed to plug in my laptop.

We highly recommend this place, and we will definitely be returning. Check out the menu at Brava’s website.