Feeding frenzy, starling style

Today the juvenile starlings were at it again: following parents around everywhere looking for the food handout. Today the youngsters figured out that they didn’t have to stay on the ground. Looking at the short video, you can see the gray colored youngsters in the tree, waiting for the parents to grab a piece of the suet and then feed them.

The din produced by the constant loud squawking of the youngsters was there all morning.

31 thoughts on “Feeding frenzy, starling style

  1. We have birds nesting on the wreath on our front door! They’re only a few days away from leaving the nest now, but we were not certain they were going to make it…my youngest slams that door like her life depends on it regularly. They just need to make it a little while longer! 😬


  2. Every year the Magpie babies, whose squawk can be heard over very long distances, follow their poor parents around just as seen in your video with the starlings. They sure know how to get food.. haha


  3. Starlings seem to have a very wide vocabulary of calls… I was watching one in the Hawthorn near the house a few weeks ago and was utterly amazed at the variety of sounds / songs in its repertoire… just incredible !

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