This pair flies and squawks daily

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that Sher and I like to sit outside in our backyard and take in the sights and sounds of our little slice of nature. Recent additions to our bird feeding equipment have increased the number of feathered visitors.

Lucked out and got a photo of the geese just after they passed our yard

We get to share the company of couple of Canadian Geese each day. And we do mean a couple. This pair flies over our house barely clearing the trees. What is fun is how loud they are. They are always having a very loud and animated conversation, both of them honking and squawking during their whole flight. They follow the same route each day, coming from about 6 or so blocks away, and ending after they pass our house and land on the river that is about 100 yards from our yard. They never land in our yard, be we consider them part of our feathered family!

9 thoughts on “This pair flies and squawks daily

  1. When we had our house we had a few geese fly over and one landed in our pool. It seemed quite contented, but we did have to convince it to find another body of water as home. How lucky you have a river near for them to land and not in your pool.


  2. Most years we have Canadian Geese in our neighborhood. There is a creek a block from our house. They like to nest on the roof of the abandoned factory across the street. This year they are nowhere to be seen. I think it is the road construction keeping them away.


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