Zaharakos since, yes, since 1900

Part of the 50′ marble bar

Close up of the bar, note Tiffany Lamp with twin soda dispensers

We wanted to take a little drive yesterday just to get out of the house for a while. Wanting to find something new to do or see, we headed to Columbus, Indiana which is south of Indianapolis. Sher had found an ice cream parlor online that looked neat, and it certainly was!

Collection of antique soda fountains

Antique flavor dispensers

Enjoying a cherry fountain soda

At the second soda bar, Welte Orchestration on left

Zaharakos has been serving ice cream since 1900 in downtown Columbus. It is a most amazing place. It is in a way overwhelming with the beautiful 50 foot long marble soda bar, Tiffany lamp twin soda fountain and a museum of antique soda fountains and flavor dispensers.

We had planned on getting either sundaes or maybe shakes, but once we saw the menu we decided to have lunch instead. We started with old fashioned cherry fountain sodas just like the old days. Sher ordered the grilled avocado sandwich and I went with a thick breaded tenderloin. The food was excellent.

We had an absolute ball at Zaharakos. It was fascinating seeing all of the antique ornate soda fountains and the Welte Orchestration machines.

This place is truly a museum of both soda fountains and ice cream parlors. We will definitely return for a sundae or maybe a banana split! We saw them being prepared, but we were full from our lunch.

25 thoughts on “Zaharakos since, yes, since 1900

  1. Hot Damn! I want to go. Miranda isn’t ready for a trip, but soon she will be ready to hit the road. I Am trying to talk my hubby into only working in the winter and taking June to Sept off. I want to get out of town in the summer! Help, it is already working on getting to 100 degrees.


  2. That is a really neat looking place. Lots of really cool old stuff. I like that look you are developing with the beard and slicked back hair ala Jerry Garcia. Sher looks like a natural soda barista.

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