Back to a casino

Sher and I always enjoyed casinos either at home or while traveling. COVID-19 stopped that for over a year. Being vaccinated, we’re slowly getting back to “doing things”. After some discussion, we figured it was time to try the Indiana Grand casino near us. (Indiana Grand is a casino and thoroughbred race track, part of the Caesars’ gaming company.)

We hoped a weekday afternoon visit might avoid having to face a big crowd. That strategy worked well, as the parking lots and garage were not filled as we remembered from pre-covid days. The first change we noticed was the requirement to show your driver’ license, the information of which was recorded. The Security fellow said it was for ‘contact tracing’ if needed. Hmmm…

Masks were required, except when you are eating or drinking. The self serve coffee and soda stations have morphed into refreshment stations where an employee serves you your free coffee or soda. Bottled beer was also available for purchase.

Sher enjoyed Great Gorilla slots. By the way Gorilla was very generous this session…

The slot machines were spaced further apart than before. A set of 3 machines had only the two outside positions open. Basically, at any machine you were 6 feet away from the closest player. The blackjack table games had limited seating as well. The only place we saw folks not social distancing was at the Roulette and Craps tables.

Things are definitely different: the buffet is a thing of the past with food available at a snack bar and one restaurant. The noise level is much less. The volume on the slot machines seem to be much lower than pre-covid. With the slot spacing you don’t feel as “crowded”. Oh, and people watching isn’t nearly as much fun with everybody in masks! All in all we did feel comfortable being out in the casino. Good to have that back.

18 thoughts on “Back to a casino

  1. “You gotta keep them separated…” Especially in a casino I would think. At least you get to have fun and enjoy your free beer. Which makes think of the Free Software Foundation’s “free as in free beer” quote in discussing the FSF’s philosophy.


  2. We used to enjoy going to the Casinos too! Many times we got a full-service spot for a lot less than the Resort prices, but of course no pool and hot tub. They didn’t make up the difference with proceeds from our gambling, we are way too conservative (cheap). We had so many player’s cards a place to keep them was getting difficult.


    • We’ve got our collection of player’s cards on lanyards hanging on the coat rack just inside the RV’s door. Too many to count, but most represent $5 to $10 in free play! (Coushata(sp?) Casino in Louisiana had a great RV park $20 a night FHU, with RV to casino door to door shuttle service 24/7.) Thanks for the visit and neat comment.


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