Pay attention…for real

Yellowstone, beauty with some danger

They mean it!

The geysers cover the walkways with steam

Bison in Hayden Valley






Yellowstone National Park is 3500 square miles of Earth’s magnificence, mostly in Wyoming but there are parts in Montana and Idaho. We would recommend a trip to Yellowstone. Keep in mind that during “peak tourist” season there are thousands of people in the park. You’ll still be able to enjoy the park, the geothermal features, the scenery and the wildlife.

18 thoughts on “Pay attention…for real

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  2. Nice steaming around the walkways shot. We have an area called White Mesa (look up White Mesa bike trails) about 30 miles to the north and west. There is a lot of gypsum outcroppings and hogbacks. It has domes that have a crust around 6 to 12 inches thick. There are areas with cracks in the domes where you can see the thickness of the crust but not the bottom of the hollow spaces underneath the domes. It’s a very cool area.


  3. Be sure and take the narrow path up the large hill by the Grand Prismatic to be able to get the stunning aerial view – take some bear spray though as you never know what else may be enjoying the beauty.

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