We miss this

Sher and I have been waiting, like most, for the vaccine. One of the things we miss since we’ve been “in isolation” is going out to eat. Such a simple activity that tons of people used to do before COVID. One place that we really miss is Cheddars Restaurants.

Famous potato soup

Legendary onion ring tower

Cheddars is really our favorite casual restaurant, followed by Olive Garden. It will be really nice going back out for a nice meal even if the tables are spread out and everybody is in masks. I guess we’ll all have to get used to that, it’s gonna be the norm for a while.

We have received our first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and our second dose is already scheduled for March 15th. Shortly after that we’ll have what the experts are saying is a high percentage of immunity.

31 thoughts on “We miss this

  1. sono contento per voi che vi siete già vaccinati, anche qua stanno andando avanti le vaccinazioni, partendo dalle fasce più anziane della popolazione. I ristoranti ci mancano tanto anche a noi, qua in Liguria siamo in zona arancione in questo momento, per cui niente pranzo al tavolo, solo asporto…

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  2. Our restaurants are open (and all seems quite normal) – we have eaten out once of twice since it opened a couple of months ago … but we actually prefer to “eat in” 😊. We love sitting around our fire (then dinner normally turns out to be a long affair!)
    But seeing that potato soup, I think it is probably worth looking for a restaurant – yummy!!


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