What’s in that rock?

As we normally do, Sher and I were outside on the stone pad sitting and enjoying the end of the day in an RV park in central Ohio. My undergraduate major was in geology, and I always look at rocks, be it outcrops along side a highway, distant mountain ranges, or in this case, the rocks on which our RV was parked.







I love finding fossils, and low and behold there on the ground at my feet I spotted some nice fossil crinoid stems in the 2 to 4 inch sized rocks.Β  OK, you say, what in the heck are crinoids? Reader’s digest version: Crinoids first showed up about 500 million years ago and some 600 species are still around today. The drawing show how one looked living in shallow seas.Β  The fossils in the rock are pieces of the stalk.

22 thoughts on “What’s in that rock?

    • The crinoids are shallow sea dwellers, and have been since they first showed up in the fossil record in the late Cambrian. If you find sections of the stems, you’ll usually find individual pieces that look like a Lifesaver candy, round with a hole in the middle. A quick google search for ‘Crinoids” will probably give you more than you ever wanted to know. πŸ˜‰ (I assume that the source of the ones found at the RV park was a local quarry somewhere close by.)


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