The new cigarette butt

There are reports from all over that face masks are littering the ground everywhere. We’ve seen them in parking lots, I personally saw 5 discarded on sidewalks yesterday during my daily walk. Face masks have become the new cigarette butt in these coronavirus pandemic times.

I am glad people are wearing face masks as recommended. But c’mon, folks! Don’t throw ’em on the ground when you’re done with it!

21 thoughts on “The new cigarette butt

  1. It’s disgusting. Some parents have completely failed to teach their offspring any respect for others, and decent society as I call it. Pigs, plain old classless, disrespectful pigs. Just being honest.


  2. I see discarded or lost masks everywhere, too. I always disliked seeing smokers toss their butts on the ground or streets. I’ve even seen motorists empty their ash trays on streets. The discarded masks are even worse. I’ve thought about picking them up to put in a trash container, but without PPE, that might expose one to disease.

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