A goose on the lake

If you have been following Roadtirement, you know we have been getting out of the house and going to some RV parks to get away from our COVID-19 “isolation”. We went back to the Thousand Trails Indian Lakes campground in Batesville.

Calm lake view

This park has great paved roads for bicycle riding, and there are no large hills that are hard to climb. The pretty scenery also is nice for walks. It is nice to get away in our motorhome and to know that we are in a safe environment. Having our own self contained “house on wheels” means we do not have to use public facilities at all.

It has been reported that RV sales are booming as many have discovered the having your own facilities is safest during the coronavirus pandemic. We talked (at a safe distance of course) to a fellow who had just bought an new motorhome so he and his wife could travel safely. They were on their first time out with their new rig.

Stay safe as you start to get back out, friends, stay safe!

5 thoughts on “A goose on the lake

  1. I’d like this park for biking since it has no hills! I am not surprised to hear that RV sales are popping, good news for that industry!! I’ve considered living in an RV since I live alone anyway. There are issues though, like a viable permanent address for taxes and such.

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  2. My wife and I are thinking about buying a used motorhome. Can you offer some advice on a manageable length, motor and key features? We are thinking a 24 ft but not sure if that is too short.

    Thanks, Mike

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    • Hello Mike, thanks for the inquiry with your visit to Roadtirement!

      Our Thor Four Winds is 24 foot long. We really like that size, you can drive it (and park) just about anywhere. It is easy to drive, just like a Uhaul truck. Up to 28 feet would probably be ok if you want slides. We don’t have slides. Key features? Main thing buying used is make sure you check everything. Every window, light switch, faucet, stove, fridge, microwave, etc. etc. etc. Check for leaks, water stains, and the like. If you see evidence of water damage, don’t walk away, run away. If you are not capable, have a mechanic take a complete look. Engine, tranny, shocks, tires, etc. (New tires can run you up to $1500.)

      Going to pull a toad (towed car) or trailer? Check the vehicle specs for towing capacity. Special care on the electrical and plumbing inspections, which are a must of course. Hope this helps. There are lots of sources out there, use your common sense when deciding what/who to believe.

      Hope this gives you a starting point. Let us know if we can answer any other questions. Happy hunting and you’ll love the RV life!

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