Historic Convent in Oldenburg Indiana

On our recent RV day trip Sher and I spent a most enjoyable time viewing an Indiana treasure: The Immaculate Conception Convent, which is the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis.  The Sisters of St. Francis continue to serve the people of Indiana. Learn details at their Website Here including the fascinating history of the Order.

Motherhouse, right and church, left. Parking lot is for the Holy Family Catholic Church, out of view on left

Chapel and portion of the cemetery for Sisters

Beautiful Shrine overlooks the cemetery grounds

Not only is there beautiful architecture on the campus but peaceful cemeteries, shrines, a school and a  farm. Oldenburg is known as “The City of Spires” due to the many church spires visible on the skyline of this quaint Indiana town.

13 thoughts on “Historic Convent in Oldenburg Indiana

  1. Nice photos. That’s a very orderly cemetery. A lot of cemeteries out here are not well kept. a lot of weeds and dead trees among the dead.


    • The grounds are immaculate for sure. All of the orderly stones you see are the resting places of Sisters of the Order. Past these you can barely see other stones. This is the cemetery for the Holy Family Catholic church referenced in a prior post.

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  3. voila – this also seems to be the location where the Srs from Indianapolis Carmel ended up, if you read the globalsisters interview online from 2016. Thanks for reminding me… 🙂


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