Finished with the mulch project

If you’ve been following along with some of the projects Roadtirement has been working on during our COVID-19 stay safe at home time, you will know that mulching has been a big part of our flower garden design. (Whew, what a long sentence!)

Herbs and wildflower starts on an old stump

Still needing a bit of grass/weeding work, but close to done

Our son has been such a great help in toting bags of mulch and spreading same. The herbs are doing very nicely, and seem happy to be on the remains of an old trees stump. Sher spread some wild flower seeds on the rich soil on the sides of the stump, and several seeds have already sprouted.

14 thoughts on “Finished with the mulch project

  1. Following the process of this garden is… well, it just makes me glad. Each time I visit at each iteration, I smile. Ok, Iโ€™m biased, as Iโ€™m/used to be a gardener. Quite a barren aspect currently without a place to do so. I love watching the preamble to perennial, the post-nuptial of how things naturalize in the garden. Great stuff.

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