Feeding birds and umbrellas for social distancing

The phone image isn’t the best, but you can see the cute (?) little English sparrow enjoying a meal at our recently installed bird feeder. You can also see the corn cob, now devoid of any corn kernels, sticking up from the tree. We put a nail in the tree, drilled a hole down the center of the cob, and voila! a squirrel feeding station.

This danged COVID-19 stay at home stuff is really, really getting old. We still miss going out to eat, going to a casino (we like the free play!) and being able to travel to see the kids and grand kids.

Oh, and we saw something different on a CNN internet report. There is a village in India named Thannermukkom that has given out 10,000 umbrellas. The idea is that if you walk around with an open umbrella, and others do the same, it forces you to not get close to each other. Not sure you are the 6 feet away, but definitely not shoulder to shoulder.

Stay calm,  remember the rules, and wash those hands and keep physical distance!

16 thoughts on “Feeding birds and umbrellas for social distancing

  1. Interesting information about the umbrellas. It may prevent people from walking too close to eachother but you probably have to be careful you don’t get your eyes poked out. Maybe distribute sunglasses as well 🙂

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  2. Dining, and drinking, out are my current longings. I can by the meals but I don’t want to eat out of boxes, do dishes, serve myself… I miss the semi-socialization I got from restaurants!!


  3. Considering the image was taken by the phone I think it’s great! And I like the idea of ​​the umbrellas. Looking forward to when we all are back to our normal life. I can go out but my husband who is 65+ haven’t been out for four weeks now but he enjoys painting and solving sudokus for hours 😀
    Take care!

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