Yellowstone bison owns the road

Sher and I are not traveling now due to coronavirus, so we thought we’d share some of our BC pictures with you. (BC = before COVID-19)

We had just entered Yellowstone National Park from the East Entrance. As we saw Lake Yellowstone on the left we suddenly saw stopped traffic ahead. I thought maybe there was a crash. But no. Here came this magnificent bull bison just sauntering along, taking his time as if he owned the road. Wait! He did own the road.  Quite a start to our Yellowstone adventure.

28 thoughts on “Yellowstone bison owns the road

  1. OH WOW! This picture does not even look real! At first glance I honestly thought it was a statue but then I asked why a statue would be in the road? What a sight! I didn’t even know Bison were still in existence. What a thrill you and your wife must have had!


  2. I was chased by a bison in an ocean camp on Catalina. Fortunately it slowed down and lost interest when it got into the doorway of our crowded cabin.

    I love bison. And national parks.


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