The rainbow: nature’s palette

The first Saturday in December saw a lot of rain, including a spurt of sunshine during the rain. This lead to Earth sharing one of its most beautiful displays: The Rainbow

And when conditions are right you are blessed with a double rainbow.

There are few things in Nature that bring as much awe as a rainbow. Enjoy

13 thoughts on “The rainbow: nature’s palette

  1. Good morning! This is Becky Dingle just wanting to write you and thank you for stopping by Chapel of Hope Stories and becoming a follower! You made my day. And goodness those pictures of the hamburger diner is making my mouth water…I might have a grilled cheese sandwich for “brunch” with some fries on top! What a wonderful adventure you two are making of life…and I applaud you for it. Wasn’t it Eleanor Roosevelt who once said, “LIfe is either a great adventure or it is nothing at all?” I will travel vicariously through you! OH…and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas too!


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