Double rainbow

The double rainbow has been revered throughout history and by many cultures as a sign of good luck, prosperity, love, connection of Earth and Heaven and other Spiritual meanings. It is a remarkable phenomena of Nature and you are fortunate when you witness a double rainbow in the sky.

Looked out the front door and surprise

Storms and rain is forecast for tonight. I went over to the front door to see what was going on. The sky looked dark, and then I looked up and wow! A rainbow!

Went back to grab the phone and went outside. Was able to get a couple of shots before the color disappeared. What a treat to be surprised with this beautiful omen of so many meanings and symbolisms.

A surprise rainbow

Just a bit ago we heard a commotion in front of the house. Our neighbors were out and hollered at us to “Come see the rainbow”!

Sure enough, there was a rainbow, and on one end you could just make out a double. The rain has been off and on all day, and the dark clouds behind the rainbow made for good contrast to see the colors. Everybody maintained plenty of space, or as they say social distance.