Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede at Pigeon Forge

Mountain Ruckus in the Dixie Belle Saloon

Mountain Ruckus in the Dixie Belle Saloon

The Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is one of the most popular events in the Great Smoky Mountains. Sher and I found out why when we spent the evening at the Stampede.

Touted as the most visited dinner show, your evening’s entertainment is really two shows in one. You start out in the Dixie Belle Saloon. Starting about 50 minutes before the Dixie Stamede show you will be treated to a great trio of musicians known as Mountain Ruckus. Playing your favorite bluegrass songs with a touch of gospel these guys have played with Dolly Parton in the past. Grab a bucket of popcorn and a cool non-alcoholic drink and enjoy this fabuous, professional quality music.

When it is time to move to the arena you leave the Saloon and are directed to your seats. The seating consists of rows of long tables, all of which offer great views of the arena. Once seated your server pours your drink in a Mason jar. Yes, a real mason jar! Keep in mind that your meal is served item by item while the show runs. You will be fed well. Soup and bisquit, whole small baked chicken, pork chop, half a potato and corn on the cob. No silverware provided (or needed) makes for a fun dining experience. Your server will bring you a warm moist towel when you are finished for hand cleaning. Dessert is a large apple turnover. Sher ordered the vegetarian meal with veggies, pasta, the potato and corn.

In the arena

In the arena

The set with changing video screen.

The arena is a sight to behold. One end is formed to look like a rocky mountain cliff complete with a huge video screen across the top. This serves as the entrance for the perfromers as well as the changing of the scenery for each act. The show starts with the host on horse back setting up the friendly competition for the night. The arena crowd is divided in the “north” and the “south”. Part of the show is a series of contests between the performers.

The skills of the riders are amazing. One gal stands with a foot on two different horses as she perfroms her tricks. She has remarkable balance. Her horses are not spooked by the pyrotechnics and flames, including a large circle of fire that she jumps through. Other trick riders will take your breath away.

The production is professional with dynamic sets that even drop from the ceiling of the arena. The costumes are magnificent and the musical numbers will have you tapping your feet. You’ll see a herd of buffalo, wagon trains, an eye popping Native American number complete with a flying performer. The north vs. south events all showcase equestrian skills. Ever seen pigs racing? You will at the Dixie Stampede. It is hard to describe in words this full evening event. But rest assured this Pigeon Forge attraction has earned its name as the most visited dinner show in the area. Plan you visit and make reservations at the Dixie Stampede website. You’ll have a great time.

"King" ready to perform in the Dixie Stampede

“King” ready to perform in the Dixie Stampede

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