Update! I-75 southbound is closed at the Kentucky/Tennessee line

Update: Today we took the “car” detour for I-75 that is still closed due to a huge rockslide. This detour followed road 297 that s runs roughly parallel to I-75. Wow. What a lousy road to become a detour for a major interstate. This road is narrow, windy and goes over at least tow pretty high mountains. At best we could travel at 45 mph (which is the posted speed limit). Lots of the time 25 mph was the maximum safe speed.

Large RV’s and towed travel trailers should take the truck route. Our 24′ Class C handled the road ok, but it was a bit of white knuckle driving.

Well, at least it was a surprise for us. We left Indiana on our way to Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, Tennessee. About 50 miles into Kentucky on I-75 we saw one of those big information signs that hang over the highway. There was quite a bit of writing on the sign, but traffic was busy and all I could catch was I-75 closed. It seems that there was a huge rockslide on February 27th that closed the entire interstate in both directions. I guess if you don’t live in Kentucky or Tennessee you don’t get the news.

Closer to the border the road side signs spelled out more details. Trucks must get off at Exit 29 in Kentucky. Cars must get off at Exit 160 just inside the Tennessee State line.

OK, we are in an RV. We’re not a truck, we’re not a car. Do the trucks have one route due to width or height restrictions? Road /bridge weight limits? Guess we’ll find out in the morning. We are taking the car exit. Stay tuned…

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