The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Steve Curry on guitar with Katie Anne in background

Steve Curry on guitar with Katie Anne in background

Want an evening of good clean family fun? Well go no further than the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This show has been running for decades and for good reason. Not only is the comedy literally side-spitting, but the music, singing and dancing are also top quality.

The best way to describe this fun filled event is to tag it a comedy variety show. The musicians are top notch. The band includes Steve Curry, Clyde Foley Cummins, Ron Jeffrey and Buddy Cline. They provide music for the acts and also perform some classic bluegrass numbers.

The comedy segments will have you howling  with laughter and nearly in tears. Look out for Danny Devaney. What he does with ping pong balls, a plexiglass sheet and audience members is a sight to behold. Danny comes out on stage a second time and once again blows you away when he drags four guys up on stage and uses them with four five gallon buckets. You have to see it to believe it.

Harry Edenburn as "Harley Worthit"

Harry Edenburn as “Harley Worthit”

Ventriloquist Steve Knowles with help from the crowd

Ventriloquist Steve Knowles with help from the crowd

“Harley Worthit” (get it?) is the character stage name of veteran comedian Harry Edenburn. “Harley” brings a unique brand of comedy to the Comedy Barn. One liners follow one liner so fast you can hardly recover from your laughing to hear the next joke. When he performs his second set his costume is, ah, unique. Think striped tights, leopard skin mini skirt, flowered shower cap and white underwear for a shirt. Yep, it is quite a visual. His second act is as funny as his costume.

Venriloquist Steve Knowels will amaze you with his skill at throwing his voice. He stands center stage without the typical dummy on his hip. He throws his voice all over the auditorium and you’ll laugh your head off. Steve’s second act features his famous talking dog. Get ready: this is a real live dog that works with Steve. Oh, Steve also brings a couple of guys up to be his dummies. See the picture.

Rounding out the cast are two spirited dancers. Katie Waltman and Katie Anne Smith really know how to clog/tap. Their energy is amazing and wow can they dance! These two beauties add a spark of excitement whenever they are on stage.

The Comedy Barn should be on your list of must see shows in Pigeon Forge. Take the whole family for an energetic laugh filled night out on the town. Go straight to the Comedy Barn website for all showtimes, ticket information and directions.

Grand Patriotic Finale

Grand Patriotic Finale

Danny in rare form

Danny in rare form

Katie and Katie-Anne with Danny on stilts

4 thoughts on “The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

  1. I was at the Comedy Barn tonight in Pigeon Forge. Hands down, the best show I’ve ever seven. From the dogs to the band, and speaking of the band, they were great. They sounded and sang like something out of this world. Ron from the band tonite had the best voice ever, (he can sing to me anytime). LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT. And Ron if you see this, I will definitely bring you a Premantis sandwich from Pittsburgh. Just let me know what kind. I definitely will recommend this show to everyonensure I meet while I am here in town.

    Fran from Pittsburgh


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