Very strange dandelion

Today I noticed a couple of strange looking dandelions in our backyard. Instead of individual stems for each brilliant yellow bloom several had grown together in one solid super stem. You could sort of feel the cluster of stems in these large “stems”.

One big stem, multiple blooms

Another large stemmed one…









There are plenty of “normal” dandelions nearby. Any botanists or agronomists or anybody who knows anything about these dandelions? I’ve never seen anything like this. Appreciate any comments or answers.


30 thoughts on “Very strange dandelion

  1. What you have is an example of fasciation: a phenomenon that often is characterized by flattened, enlarged stems and multiple or strangely formed blooms. It can happen with any plant; do a search for ‘fasciated plants’ and you’ll find examples. I’ve photographed fasciated Indian paintbrush, brown-eyed Susans, larkspur, and Texas dandelion. They’re always fun to see. There are some fasciated saguaro cacti that are pretty famous.

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