Covid-19 lockdown: remembering March 2020

This is a post we published in March, 2020, after the Indiana Governor’s Executive order to shut down the state.

When the sound of a mower is relished

Our local NBC station showed a video on their noon news of the city of Indianapolis. The video was in black and white and showed scene after scene of the city with no people, cars, buses or any sign of life. Totally empty streets and parking lots made the shots look like they came right out of the last scene of the movie “On the Beach”, an apocalyptic movie from 1959.

Carry out only

Sher and I and our son were commenting on the video which led to the discussion of the quiet nature that has become our neighborhood. It seems as though most of the neighbors are paying attention to the Indiana declaration of “stay at home and work from home”. Very little traffic, even the guy with the extra loud Harley is not to be heard recently.

Then we heard someone starting up their lawn mower. Wow who would ever think that the usually obnoxious noise from a Briggs and Stratton engine would provide a twisted sense of normalcy to this COVID -19 pandemic abnormal situation. Thus the title of this post.

At times the pandemic lockdown feels like years ago, at times it seems like yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Covid-19 lockdown: remembering March 2020

    • I remember when Sher and I were “racing” back to Indiana after canceling our winter in Texas talking about this virus spreading like in a sci-fi movie. Then we got back, started watching the coverage on TV and, like you said, being so frigging afraid. Remember waiting for the vaccines?

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