Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Nashville, Indiana is in the center of Brown County, about 40 miles south of Indianapolis.. The town was established in 1836 as Jacksonburg, however a year later the name was changed to Nashville after Nashville, Tennessee. It was on our itinerary of our recent day trip.

The inviting store front

We were able to find a great street parking spot, as the crowds were not huge like they can be. Off to the Nashville Fudge Kitchen we went, as Sher had already spotted this during her trip preparation. What a marvelous inventory this place had for sale! As soon as you walk in your nose is flooded with delicious scents.

Popcorn in all flavors

Gelato and ice creams, yum!

The video shows the fudge craftsperson working with a roll of fudge ready for sale. This was in fact peanut butter fudge, and we purchased a slice from this roll.

We bought two different types of fudge. We continued on and visited a few more stores. The weather was really nice, with partly coudy skies , a slight breeze, and temperatures in the low 70’s. A great day for a day trip!


17 thoughts on “Nashville Fudge Kitchen

  1. We were in Nashville ,Indiana last week and yes that shop had way too many goodies! We were visiting my husband’s family from Upland and went to Nashville for the day to hike and sightsee.


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