Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Nashville, Indiana is in the center of Brown County, about 40 miles south of Indianapolis.. The town was established in 1836 as Jacksonburg, however a year later the name was changed to Nashville after Nashville, Tennessee. It was on our itinerary of our recent day trip.

The inviting store front

We were able to find a great street parking spot, as the crowds were not huge like they can be. Off to the Nashville Fudge Kitchen we went, as Sher had already spotted this during her trip preparation. What a marvelous inventory this place had for sale! As soon as you walk in your nose is flooded with delicious scents.

Popcorn in all flavors

Gelato and ice creams, yum!

The video shows the fudge craftsperson working with a roll of fudge ready for sale. This was in fact peanut butter fudge, and we purchased a slice from this roll.

We bought two different types of fudge. We continued on and visited a few more stores. The weather was really nice, with partly coudy skies , a slight breeze, and temperatures in the low 70’s. A great day for a day trip!


Day trip big birds

While on our recent day trip we ended up on a well graded gravel road in Brown County, Indiana. We were on our way to another historic bridge and looking for any other neat things to see.

Up ahead we spotted a large black shape next to a yellow striped warning sign. Yep, that’s a turkey vulture, actually two of them. The second one is behind the yellow sign.

Why did the turkey cross the road?

To frustrate that human with the camera!

As soon as we started moving again we were surrounded by what seemed like a large rafter of wild turkeys running across the road. Dang they were fast! Out of the eight or so individuals we only got a couple of photos, neither of which that good. It’s always fun seeing wildlife during a drive in the country.

Some different and pretty stuff on a day trip

Here’s somewhat of a potpourri of images we captured and then liked.

Overgrown barn and silo

Ears developing

In full tassel

Slow flowing Laughery Creek gives a mirror surface

Delicate tiny wild flowers

Oops! Lost an antennae somewhere

Just simply pretty flowers

Day trips or multi day adventures provide so many opportunities to see and experience new things. I guess that’s why everybody has cameras these days…


Spotted on Snoqualmie’s Railroad Avenue

Snoqualmie is a lovely town about 30 miles east of Seattle. It has a colorful history and is situated between the Snoqualmie Casino to the south and and the famous Snoqualmie Falls to the north. Railroad Avenue follows the twin tracks through town and features lots of interesting sites, businesses and shops.

Hear are a few things that caught our eye:

An interesting sight

Describing the wheel above

The Snoqualmie Depot, home of the Northwest Railway Museum

Depot history and information plaque

The Railroad was first constructed in 1889 and opened up the timber and lumber industry. Prior to the railroad, logs were floated down the river and over the falls. The Depot pictured above is now home to the Northwest Railway Museum. Engines, freight cars, passenger cars and locomotives are found on various tracks and sidings. The large metal wheel supported a 65 foot long bandsaw in an early mill.

Early diesel locomotive

Street mural depicting early log hauling trucks

1936 Totem Pole

Relaxing on Railroad Avenue, enjoying the sun


History of the Totem Pole
















Snoqualmie is an ideal destination for a relaxing day trip. There is so much to see with attractions for all ages. One thing we really enjoyed was how laid back everything (and everybody) was. No rushing around, you can take your time and enjoy everything this cute town offers.