The 1886 Moscow Bridge rebuilt in 2010

In June of 2008 an F3 tornado ripped through the small town of Moscow in Rush County, Indiana. Tragically one life was lost, several homes were destroyed and the 1886 Kennedy covered bridge was ravaged and tossed into the river below. Through the heroic effort of the community, businesses and others, a reconstruction project was begun. Original pieces of the bridge were salvaged. With the balance of new materials, a faithful reproduction of the original E L Kennedy double-span Burr-Arch bridge was rebuilt by the Don Collom and Sons company from Bridgeton, Indiana. It was dedicated in September, 2010.



The Moscow Covered Bridge remains the heart and soul of not only the town, but a valuable part of the history of Rush County as well.

11 thoughts on “The 1886 Moscow Bridge rebuilt in 2010

  1. I grew up not far from Moscow and after I got married I lived in the town for awhile, walk across that bridge many times. I am so glad they rebuilt the bridge


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