Winter storm warning continues

The snow continues in central Indiana. It has pretty much been nonstop since 8:30AM this morning. Blowing and drifting is occurring on E/W roads.

From the local INDY TV Channel 13 WTHR

9:15 AM this morning.

2:30 PM this afternoon

4:30 PM this afternoon

Time will tell how much more snow we’ll get before the snow moves out of the state. Currently most everything in Indy is closed, and most all schools are closed for in person learning. Some schools will have remote classes on Friday. Some schools are reporting that they will actually have a true “Snow Day” with the kids completely off.


36 thoughts on “Winter storm warning continues

    • Snow can be pretty. Snow means your yard looks as good as everybody else’s yard, even the jerk down the block who has to have the perfect yard all the time. Oh, and kids love it. Hope your snow doesn’t mess you up too much! Be safe, stay warm. πŸ™‚

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  1. Our schools had a snow day today, even the schools that are currently doing all remote. I guess it’s an equability issue if the in-school kids get a snow day and the online students have to be in virtual classrooms. Feet by the fire with a hot toddy or hot spiced wine or cider is in order.


    • During the blizzard of ’78 I was stuck on the farm for 6 days before the National Guard dug my road out. I had only Tang for drink other than water. Since then I cannot handle much Tang, and prep supplies before any kind of weather threat. Already had supplies in a couple of days ago. Sorry, no Ovaltine this time, but thanks for thinking of us!


  2. We can’t see the grass anymore. Heck, my shrubs in the front are nearly buried. Had to make a food pantry restocking run and they’ve cleared off all the main streets but the side streets are still unplowed…


  3. My parents live north of you; my mom texted me yesterday that they got 14 inches in 24 hours.

    It’s pretty to look at, but I don’t miss living where the weather is freakin’ freezing. *laugh*

    Stay warm. πŸ™‚


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