Snow is over and now the cold arrives

The snow is over. Now things get cold. Really cold.

2:30PM Thursday

4:30PM Thursday

10:30 AM Friday

The sun popped out this morning! The sunlight looks warm but the temperatures won’t allow much if any melting today. The forecast high was 22, and that is what it is already. The low overnight tonight will be -2 according to the NWS. So far the first temperatures above freezing will be next Wednesday. Hey, at least the city plowed the street this morning.

20 thoughts on “Snow is over and now the cold arrives

  1. I heard on NPR this morning that snow plows are having a hard time with the snow because it is light and fluffy—powder as on a ski slope—and keeps blowing back as soon as it’s plowed. The plow operators are used to much heavier, wetter snow that stays put.

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  2. The plows haven’t come through our neighborhood yet but my neighbor has a side business of plowing so he made a couple of passes around the cul de sac and down the street. I can get out now in case I need to (but I’m not inclined to leave the warmth of the house – not even to get the mail)!

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  3. I had to cancel my trip to St Paul, MN scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. A positive covid test. I was going to see the US/Honduras World Cup Qualifying game on Wednesday night. At game time, the wind chill dropped the temp to -12F. Two Honduran players had to leave the field due to hypothermia.
    Playing in St. Paul in February is another reason the question the us coach’s sanity.

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