Stainless steel public art

Shelbyville, Indiana is a small Hoosier town southeast of Indianapolis. Recently it has developed the Blue River Trail, a hiking and bike trail that runs from one end of town to the other. As part of the celebration of the trail, the city commissioned a large public art piece on the north end of town.

Blue River-Wind, Rain and Water

The title Blue River – Wind, Rain and Water is inspired by the river basins of the Big and Little Blue rivers, which run through Shelby County. The two come together within about 100 yards of this artwork placement. According to the informational plaque, the sculpture is inspired by the rivers’ courses and the wind and rainstorms that keep the water flowing.

This statue was the winner of a contest that was held where many artists proposed a piece at this location. An artist from Shelbyville, Michael Helbing, was chosen for the project. The 40 foot tall stainless steel sculpture is the result. It was erected in 2018.

15 thoughts on “Stainless steel public art

  1. Interesting sculpture. I think this one is helped by knowing what it represents – in my town there are several abstract sculptures that I find unattractive. One has polished surfaces that act as a mirror making the approach to the location painful and dangerous due to reflecting the sun directly into traffic and driver’s eyes!


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