Drive thru pick up lunch today

This Omicron variant is everywhere, it seems. Tagged as super easy to catch we decided that instead of going out today we’d get pasta at the drive up window after ordering online.

Spaghetti and meatballs w/melted cheese and a breadstick

We had not had Fazoli’s in a while. Given that we had a BOGO special this was an easy decision to make. The drive through is only about 10 minutes away, so it was easy to get our order quickly. The portion sizes are quite large, and we had plenty left for a full meal at a later time. We didn’t have to cook, got a good meal for a good price, and did not have to get out among the public. Win-win-win.

32 thoughts on “Drive thru pick up lunch today

  1. We took some stuff to Savers and then decided to do a drive-by on a listed house, and went to Olive Garden for Soup and Salad. Been awhile! We wore masks except when eating and they have put vinal partitions on all the booths.
    But we are starting to wear masks again everywhere. Don’t want that nasty stuff.


  2. Safe and full–sounds like a plan to me! We had one Fazoli’s in town and it closed several years ago. Never understood why as it was in the perfect location for a lot of businesses around it who needed a quick lunch.


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