COVID messed with our Christmas plans

A lovely spread on our snack table

We were planning on spending time with family in Columbus, Ohio this Christmas season. One of our sons and his family and our daughter and her family from Seattle were getting together in Ohio. Sher and I and our son who lives with us were planning on going to Ohio for a Christmas celebration.

That pesky COVID-19 put an absolute damper on those plans. Our Ohio family started feeling bad, and yes, the at home tests showed positive. Our Seattle daughter and her family had traveled from Columbus to our son-in-law’s family in Cleveland, and you guessed it, they started showing signs of infection. They had a real struggle finding testing sites or at home kits. Finally they got tested, and yes, they were positive. None of our family is having real bad symptoms, fortunately nothing requiring hospitalizations, and all are reporting feeling better.

This damned COVID is spreading fast everywhere, and we did not want to take the chance to travel, so at this point in time we are staying put in Indiana. Maj is in the age and health very high risk category. No need to take any chances. We were going out to eat for Christmas Eve dinner, but have scratched that now. Sher was able to put together a wonderful shopping order for a Christmas day meal. Ham with all the trimmings will delight and fill us on the 25th.

Have safe Christmas and New Years celebrations, folks.Β 

69 thoughts on “COVID messed with our Christmas plans

  1. Sorry to hear you plans got messed up, You are going to have to enjoy Rudolph red wine while you whine about stupid covid for Christmas. Suzette went to a funeral in Michigan and came back with covid. She’s been shot and boosted. Lane did not get it from her, but he still has to quarantine. Tristan’s household was sick this week, also, but they tested negative (from test sights). They have all had covid once and have been shot and boosted, but colds and flu got to them. It seems it’s pretty mild for most of the people who are getting covid right now. Suzette said it’s like a mild flu. Laurie’s sister cancelled her plans to come for Christmas. They are planning on coming in January now. COVID Christmas is messing up a lot of plans.

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  2. Oh no! That is sad news! The family extended here has all been boosted… but the nurses are all masked and distanced because they are all exposed all the time. So this Christmas will see (all 6 of ) them sitting at the “kid table” in the family room while we eat in the dining room. We’ll come together all masked up. I hope all your family recover quickly without complications! Hope it is a joyful holiday!!

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  3. Really glad to hear you are keeping at home while the risk is so high – Well done!
    I detect one of my favourite nibbles in the photo – Chestnuts, I love roasted or water ones. But supplies in the stores are pretty sparse now over here o the little island.

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      • Glad your missing the shortage farce, that’s good! Scarcity of drivers as much as anything causing the dilema, I think. Not being able to get out shopping much, I have to rely on food deliveries: with the silly substitutions, I’ve ended up with loads of food I don’t or cannot eat. Hehe! Can’t get through to order more now – Sainsburys and Iceland sites both load as “Unavailable to this site, try again later…” I’ll not starve though, but I may have to live on canned food for a while. Hehehe! Cheers.


      • Those substitutions can be strange. In our case, we order online and do the “curb side pickup” at the store. We have the option then to accept/reject the substitutions. Hope your websites function again soon for you.

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      • Since the stroke, no driving for me, nowadays. Which is fair enough, safer not to. I could get a cab, I suppose, not cheap or easy, many cabbies have stopped during this Omriron scare. Worra pickle we are in. Haha! TTFNsi.


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