A nice Labor Day weekend family visit

Sher and I and our son took a quick trip over to Ohio for a Saturday before Labor Day cookout at our #2 son’s house. (He’s the one who got married a little while back.) The trip over was fortunately uneventful with light traffic and no rain.

We had a great time! It is so nice to see family. We had the chance to visit with three of our grandchildren and our new step-granddaughter. The food was great (see the grill photo!). After the meal Sher and I watched the others play some funny and fun online games. We also played the two pinball machines that our son has in his basement. Both he and his new wife are serious pinball machine players, both doing very well in tournaments. While I played the Star Wars pinball machine, I kept remembering the classic song by The Who about that deaf, dumb and blind kid, Tommy the “Pinball Wizard”.

Sher enjoying the lovely day outside.

It is so nice to spend time with family. Sher and I both shared stories with the grandkids about their parents, went over genealogy and pictures, and even discussed future get togethers, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. We certainly enjoyed our time in Ohio. Soon we’ll be in Seattle for more time with more family…

27 thoughts on “A nice Labor Day weekend family visit

  1. Looks like a good time was had. I didn’t know pinball was still a deal. I was always so bad at it. You remember Silver’s version of Pinball Wizard? I always loved that song.

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    • Yes I remember Silver’s version of Pinball Wizard! Pinball is still alive and well, among the aficionados. Doug has 2 machines, one owned and one leased. Folks will lease a game for a year or two and then change it out for a different one. By the way, Sher is many times better than I am on the machines!

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