Diet and cycling update

It’s been about 10 days since I have mentioned the diet and exercise program I have been on. So far, so good I have to say. The regime of having a salad each day with a couple of meal replacement shakes has been a chore, but I have been fairly faithful to it. My blood pressure has been greatly improved, and stays improved day to day. I am losing weight as well.

Sher and I met relatives at a local restaurant over the weekend. It had been over a year since we have seen them, and we had a most enjoyable visit. For my meal I splurged and chose a cheeseburger. I did, however order it without the bun. (I have not had any bread since I started the diet. Damn, I miss wheat toast.)

Chillin’ on his “front porch”

I’ve been riding my bike everyday. More often than not I ride a second time too. The ground hog pictured is a critter that I see everyday during my morning ride. When I starting riding he would duck under his yard barn as soon as he spotted me. Now he just ignores me and keeps sitting on his “front porch”. I guess he has gotten used to me riding through his territory.

55 thoughts on “Diet and cycling update

  1. well done you and do keep going; I am following your example, not so much with the cycling in the heat, but I have replaced meals before 20:00 with cottage cheese only – and I find my energy has improved; no cravings and no need for day time naps. Couldn’t bring myself to go the whole hog re shakes hence cottages cheese as it has the same nutritional values as those do. So far so good. πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t think I have seen a groundhog before. Interesting little fellow! Hang in there with our diet. It will be worth it if you can get your BP down. The alternative is a stroke and that can be life altering in a bad way. So good for you to be sticking to diet and exercise. Keep us updated if you can.


    • So far I’ve been able to get the BP reduced considerably from what it was before I started “behaving”. Groundhogs are interesting critters. Unfortunately they can be destructive to building foundations. The one pictured has made a home burrow under a yard barn, appears happy and doesn’t need to cause damage.


  3. Good for you with the healthy eating. I gave up all flour products and sugar. The more weight we lose we not only get healthier, we also feel much better. Keep it up


  4. “Roadtirement” – very appealing πŸ™‚ Nice to have come across your page. Welcome to check out my footprints along nature trains, lifestyle and gastronomy. Thanks and stay blessed.
    Happy Road-Tirement πŸ™‚


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