A nice visit to the Shale Creek Brewing

Sher and I went on a mission today to see what was up in nearby Franklin, Indiana. We had looked up a couple of brew houses and decided to try out Shale Creek Brewing. It is located in one of Franklin’s oldest building, and offers brews and great food.

Main entrance, downtown Franklin

Main bar

Once we were seated, it was time to decide what brews to get in the flight…

What an inviting list

Catelynn helped us with our flight choices

Here came the flight, really about the best reason to go to a brewery!

The food we picked was very tasty with large portions. The lettuce wedges had lots of toppings, and the breaded fried hamburger was smothered is all kinds of great stuff.

Excellent salad fare

Yes, smothered fried breaded burger

This is the life!

All in all, what a fun time we had. The food was great, the brews were fun to sample and we have found a place we’ll enjoy coming back to. We also bought a growler of Red Headed Squealer, aka Irish Red. Here’s the Shale Creek Brewing website to check out.

28 thoughts on “A nice visit to the Shale Creek Brewing

  1. I wish I could have joined you!

    My fav local brewery, for overall vibe, has no food and bleh dark beers. The brewery with good dark beers has a bleh vibe. And the one that’s a 4min wall from my front door is the only with a kitchen but I don’t care for their food, beer, or vibe!

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  2. It seems (and I like it) that the old brand name beers are being slowly set aside or modified with flavors or seltzers and being replaced with the newer breweries’ evolution. Here in San Diego it appears to be the new norm.

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