Where the buffalo roam

This afternoon the weather was nearly perfect for outside activity. We headed for the town of Greenfield for some sightseeing and who knows what else.  At one point we were walking around the downtown area and we came upon an interesting sight.

There between two bushes was the statue of a bison, sometimes erroneously referred to as a buffalo. Well, the camera had to come out for that! Especially when I saw the body of the bison behind its mane was painted in a mural.






Turns out this animal was commissioned for the Indiana Bicentennial celebration  in 2016. This bison was named “Whitcomb” in honor of James Whitcomb Riley, Greenfield’s famous author. The paintings traces the history of Indiana natural history and agriculture from the Ice Age to modern times. The Bisontennial (get it?) statues were seen all over the state in different designs and colors.


43 thoughts on “Where the buffalo roam

  1. Hahahaha! Bisontennial. That’s a beautifully painted bison butt. Have you seen the movie “True Stories” by David Byrne and the Taking Heads? It’s about the sesquicentennial celebration of “specialness” of Virgil Texas. It was made in 1986 when technology was taking off. Byrnes makes a lot of great statements on culture, food, architecture and music in the movie. John Goodman plays Lewis the Bear.

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      • That’s great you saw it. Not a lot of people know about it. It was an architectural professionals cult classic through the late 80s. A few years ago my programmer was getting ready to go to Kansas for a family reunion. I lent him True Stories. He came back from the family reunion and sid the town had a parade that was very similar to the parade in True Stories with Shiners in their little cars, etc.


      • In our home town decades ago they had a yearly town festival. There were at least ten Shriners club participating in the parade. Big clown cars, small clown cars, big Harleys, tiny mini bikes, you name it there was a Shriner’s club that had it!

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