Free trees

List of available saplings

The Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources once again provided free trees for anyone who wanted to come pick them up. Last year we picked up some free trees, and have had reasonable success with them.

This year the give a way was organized at the County Fairgrounds. The variety was larger than last year’s offering and I was pleased to see Red Buds on the list. They are so pretty each year!

There was a good sized crowd as soon as it opened

This is one of the two Pecan saplings now planted

This is our Black Cherry from last year. It has grown a lot!








As was the case last year, you could get a maximum of ten trees per household. We decided that this year I’d pick up two Red Buds, two Pecans and one Shag Bark Hickory. All five are now planted, and hopefully they will all survive. We did have a couple of losses last year due to (I think) pesky rabbits. This tree give a way is a great program.

28 thoughts on “Free trees

    • We do have a fairly good size lot and with the trees we got last year plus the five new ones for this year we are beginning to run out of space for new ones but there’s always room for another tree 🌲 🌳


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  2. This is such a good idea guys. One organization replanted a huge swath of dry forest here in this rural region of Panama, after heavy deforestation over the centuries. People are learning; we need nature to survive.


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  3. About 20 years ago a new freeway was being built about a 1/2 mile from our neighborhood. The county asked if any of us would like up to 4 trees planted along their property’s street side– to help minimize traffic noise. A few weeks later groups of college students came out, dug the holes, and satisfied everyone’s needs. T ended up with 2 magnolias and 2 jacarandas– since I’m on a street corner. And they both flower well.

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